Thermoforming Plastic Packaging

Make Your Products Pop

Thermoformed plastic packaging for food, cosmetics, consumer, medical, electronic parts and more: protective packaging that displays your products in all the right ways.

Fresh N’ Sealed Tamper Resistant Containers

With Fresh N’ Sealed tamper-resistant, tamper-evident packaging, you get a refreshingly simple and streamlined design. No shrink bands. No film sealing. No added costs or complexities. Just a pure and simple design that preserves freshness and helps your product shine on the shelf.

Select from a range of sizes and styles, from 1.5 oz though 120 oz.; single-compartment to multi-compartment configurations. Each Fresh N’ Sealed container is:

  • Easy to remove tear strip – secure the container and remove the tear-strip by pulling on the tear strip end tab. Then pull on the newly exposed lid tabs to remove the lid.
  • Tamper resistant
  • Tight seal leak resistant lids
  • Intuitive easy-to-use design
  • 100% recyclable
  • Superior clarity

Container Packaging for Food

No matter what shape and size you choose, you’ll get a quality design that’s engineered specifically for food processors in high-volume, automated production operations. Each plastic container features:

  • Efficient shelf-saving construction
  • Robust design to handle automated production
  • Crack-resistant, crush-resistant plastic
  • Crystal-clear clarity to maximize food appeal
  • Consistent flange trim
  • Wide seal flanges

Snack Food Packaging

Stay ahead of fast-growing trends with innovative snack packaging that gives your food irresistible shelf appeal. Our snack packaging cups and small sectional trays are designed for both film-seal applications and non-sealing applications. Select from a broad range of sizes and shapes that are ideal for:

  • Yogurt and granola parfaits
  • Fruit cups
  • Hummus and chip dips
  • Sliced vegetables
  • And more!

Versatile Sectional Plastic Platters

Ensure that your food products are a party pleaser with plastic platters that are durable, attractive and designed to keep your food fresh and protected from damage. We serve up a wide range of flexible options. Use the sectional platters on their own or combine them with any of Lacerta’s one-compartment container packages. A versatile design makes them perfect for:

  • Cut fruit variety platters
  • Cut vegetable variety platters
  • Hummus and dip variety packs

Easy-Seal Microwavable Food Containers

Specially designed for prepared meals and meats, each microwavable container is easy to seal when applying lidding film — even in the most difficult applications. Our microwavable food packaging can also be ordered with high-oxygen barrier material to help extend the shelf life of many foods. Choose from a variety of sizes and materials.

Snap-tight, Stay-tight Salad & Herb Packaging

Specially designed for high-volume salad and herb packaging, our snap-tight lids are easy to close and stay closed throughout the entire distribution process. Crystal clear package clarity shows off your fresh produce and give it maximum merchandising appeal.

Built-tough Containers for High-Pressure Food Processing

Looking for packaging solutions that are best under pressure? Our HPP containers are specially engineered to withstand the extreme rigors of high-pressure food processing. Each container is tightly sealed to avoid blowouts. Features include:

  • Wide flanges and strong sidewalls
  • Wide polyethylene sealing surface for a tight seal
  • Heavy-duty rigid design that’s resistant to cracks

Sweet Solutions for Bakery Products

Want to give your bakery and specialty products irresistible appeal that boosts impulse purchases? Check out our versatile line of plastic packaging trays that includes cake packaging, cookie containers, and pastry trays. Each is designed to keep your food products safe and protected during transportation while giving them all-star shelf appeal.