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Labels For Shrink Film, Flexible Film, and Food Packaging Products

We’re Experts In All Types of Labels For Film & Packaging

Whether you’re looking for high quality labels for stretch film, shrink film, technical film, prestretch film or films for lamination, G2 can provide you with the products and service you need at the best possible prices. Below is a brief overview of the most popular film products for our labeling solutions – please give us a call to discuss how G2 can help streamline your business and improve your bottom line.

Shrink Film Labels for Food Packaging

Perfect for showcasing food products and their preservation in safe conditions, our shrink film labels are perfect for films which come with a barrier, antifog, or stretch shrink properties. Great for use on fresh and frozen food as well as grocery products.

Pre-Printed Flexible Packaging Labels

G2 has the ability to offer a wide array of labels that can be printed either randomly or registered and for industries as diverse as Industrial, Food and Beverage, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Retail, Tobacco, Confectionary, Electronic, and many others.

Stretch Film Labels

Stretch film is primarily used to palletize cargo and ensure your products remain safe and secure during storage, shipping, and transportation. Manufactured from low density linear polyethylene blends, in flat coextruders (cast), from 3 to 31 layers.

EcoStretch Film Labels

EcoStretch is an innovative stretch film that does not require the traditional cardboard tube. The cardboard tube has been replaced by a reusable plastic applicator, reducing waste and environmental impact. Our EcoStretch Film labels are perfect for conventional, prestretch, and automatic films. EcoStretch presents excellent ergonomics and requires less area in transportation and storage.

Shrink Film Labels

Our shrink film labels can be used in automatic and semiautomatic packagers, PET bottles (polyethylene terephthalate), cardboard packages, and many others. Shrink film is typically presented in trimmed sheets, double width, tubular, and ribbed tubular, it’s available in natural color, pigmented, or printed in up to 8 colors.

Labels For Agricultural Films

Agricultural film is produced using high performance raw material with a high level of resistance to torments, anti UV layer, without micro holes, and of high transparency, a characteristic that accelerates seedling growth. Along with a special additive which ensures it can withstand various atmospheric conditions, pigmented agricultural film is used to store the nutritious solution and presents excellent resistance to perforation by rocks, pieces of wood, or roots. Manufactured in coextruders with characteristics that service all needs in agriculture.

Medium and High Barrier Technical Film Labels

Technical films provide thermic stability, an excellent barrier to gases and humidity, and high resistance to tear, characteristics that guarantee preservation. Adaptable to your specific needs, technical films can be of high or medium barrier and are supplied in reels duly packaged and palletized to avoid any kind of contamination. The brightness and transparency of technical films add value to the packaged product.

Automatic Packaging Film Labels

Multilayered film with several structures that allow for longer shelf-life and maintain the products’ original characteristics. Excellent performance in automatic packaging, with instantaneous welding and high resistance.

Prestretch Film Labels

Prestretch film utilizes new technology and provides lower cost packaging per pallet and better ergonomics, reducing storage space and using less plastic. This is a new concept of manual stretched film produced with special resins in cutting edge pre-stretching equipment, with widths between 8 and 12 µ.

Stretch Hood Labels

Developed for various sizes and the most demanding applications, Stretch Hood represents a new generation of automatic packaging which reduces the use of energy during palletizing and guarantees total protection of products with cusomization based on each individual client’s needs. Stretch Hood is made of innovative raw material with excellent elastic memory and mechanical resistance, allowing the film to easily mold itself to the product.

Labels For Barrier Shrinkable Packaging Film & Refrigeration Packaging Film

G2 can provide custom labels for the most demanding environments.  The latest generation of packaging brings solutions to the refrigeration market.  This film is coextruded in 7 layers and is comprised of innovative raw materials. Barrier Srhinkable Packaging Film provides a high barrier to gases and humidity, a high degree of shrinkage, excellent resistance to welding, and surprising brightness and transparency which add value to the packaged product.

Custom Labels For Lamination Films

Film for lamination is mono extruded or layer extruded under rigorous quality control ensuring regular linear width throughout the manufacturing process, where a uniform superficial treatment is applied to guarantee maximum adherence of paints and adhesives. Film structure as well as its friction coefficients may be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Packaging Shrink Film Labels for Industrial Applications & Consumer Goods

We have a wide range of labels available for multipurpose and specialized shrink films to meet the needs of any industrial and consumer goods requirement. Learn more by Sending a Message Online or by calling 904-302-5899 and find out why we have become one of the most trusted providers throughout North America.