Essential Critical Manufacturer Update

I wanted to reach out to you to update you that based on the recently released Federal Guidelines, G2 ID Source Inc. is an essential critical manufacturer of critical infrastructure, and we continue to operate our manufacturing facility.  Presently, G2 has not been affected by the coronavirus and our Management is monitoring any hazard concerns personally.  We recognize the heightened awareness of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we are taking precautionary measures to protect our customers, and continue to meet your needs and expectations.

G2 has a strategy of sourcing raw goods used to convert and produce product from numerous vendors. All our major goods suppliers are located in the USA. This arrangement has been in affect for the last 10 years and takes into consideration a persistent source to deliver our raw goods. NO materials are being provided from China.

We have shut down access to all unauthorized individuals and guests to our office until further notification. All movement in and out of state to gatherings regarding clients or vendors, have been deferred.

As of now, we feel the coronavirus will minimally affect, if at all, our business and we don’t anticipate a negative effect on our capacity to supply our clients with finished product. We will continually check in with our material suppliers to ensure that they are not being affected by shortages. If any concerns arise, we will communicate with you to ensure you are up to date.

If you experience any issues with other suppliers, we are ready and appreciate the opportunity to help you fulfill your needs.


David Frederick
President, G2 ID Source