Automated Packaging

Automated Packaging and Labeling Solutions

Conveyors, Erectors, Sealers, and More

Automated packaging solutions will help your company increase efficiency and reduce waste, resulting in a substantial improvement in net profit. Below are a few of the most popular solutions – please call us to discuss how G2 can help design the perfect solution for your business.

Stretch Wrappers

From beginning to end, let G2 help you prepare your pallets for shipment without the headache of manually wrapping each and every one. G2 offers a variety of Stretch Wrappers, with and without ramp, that can help your business speed up production.

Print and Apply Label Applicators

Save time and increase efficiency with automated print and apply label applicators for all types of labels. Assembled for right or left hand, print modules include 203 dpi, 305 dpi, 400 dpi, and 600 dpi and can be mounted in various positions for a multitude of products. Learn More

Case Erectors

We offer a wide range of case erector solutions including automatic and semi-automatic carton sealers, carton erectors, case and carton printer/coders, and more.

Horizontal Packaging Machines

Speed up packaging and improve accuracy with horizontal packaging machines. Choose from machines which can produce packs sealed on multiple sides with heat-sealable packaging film, single-side seals and shrink wraps, and more.

Conveyor Systems

We offer a full range of conveyor machines to meet your packaging needs. Whether you need incline feed conveyors, take-away conveyors, rotary collection, hoppers, bucket lifts, or custom curved conveyors, we can provide the highest quality, affordable solutions.

Carton Sealers

Speed setup and production time with automated carton erectors and carton sealers. Choose from a wide variety of options to seal top, bottom, and full flap-folding carton sealing units.

Date Coders

Perfect for your new machines or for upgrading old equipment, our date printers can be customized to fit your V.F.F.S. machine frame size and can include up to 5 lines of type and interchangeable price blocks.

Food & Beverage Automation

Track all items through the manufacturing process with Datalogic technology, and ensure product quality and safety with vision sensors, bar code readers, scanners and more.