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Commercial Packaging Supplies in Jacksonville

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As the leading source for custom labels, printed film, protective packaging, and much more, we are proud to provide all of the industrial or commercial packaging supplies you need for every application. From surface protecting stretch films to tapes and corner guards, we’ve got all of your packaging supplies covered. Read more about some of our most popular items below.

Hotmelt Carton Sealing Tape

Hand & Machine Rolls

Hotmelt carton sealing tapes are engineered for superior shear (holding power) and peel adhesion. The classic hotmelt properties of easy-release and quick-tack make them ideal for machine length rolls. Application temperature ranges 0° C to 35° C (32° F to 95° F).

Printed Tapes

We offer a large selection of printed carton sealing tapes in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. We can customize your carton sealing tape with your logo and branding, or choose from a variety of standard carton sealing tape options such as “Fragile”, “Inspected”, “Do Not Double Stack”, “Make in the USA”, “Caution”, and many more.

We can also custom print onto a wide variety of other tapes including PVC, Polypropylene, Rope Flatback, Filament/Strapping, Cellophane, Gummed, Polyethylene, Stationary, Aisle Marking and Tape Handles.

Water Activated Paper

Water activated tape is extremely popular for permanent carton closure and offers outstanding security, durability, and strength. Water-activated tape bonds instantly to standard and recycled boxes, and is offered in many standard prints or customized prints for corporate branding or message.

Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape

Ideal For Refrigerator and Freezer – Hand & Machine Rolls

Our water-based acrylic carton sealing tape is made with a unique high-shear adhesive for greater holding power on boxes. Our 400 series acrylic tapes conform to FDA requirements for indirect food packaging (CFR, Title 21, Subpart B, 175.105). The acrylic carton sealing tape line is ideal for cold temperature, refrigerator, and freezer tapes.