Check Weigh Scales

Our Check Weigh Scales Can Be a Solution For Many Industry Specific Needs

Fast changeover more important than automation? Look at our US-5000. Slide in your sample, key in quantity, and press count.

Advanced Poly offers kit packaging with the US-5500. It has partitioning, LED lights, and a load table. Lights can signal your operator to feed kit components. When weights are determined, the scale automatically feeds the bagger.

Our US-4000 Rotary Check Weigh Scale offers exceptional performance. The drum is designed to flip bagged product meeting weight requirements to a container or conveyor. The occasional rejected bag goes into a separate container for further examination. Lastly, take a look at the US-6000. Accurate shipping weight is the final checklist item before your package is sent to its destination.

The US-6000 is accurate to 5 grams. Perfect for cartons 3″x3″ to 18″x24″ and weighing up to 50 lbs. that are typically fed from a box taper. The belt and roller conveyors are, like most other Advanced Poly equipment, customizable.