The Autoprint line of industrial inkjet printers are the ideal solution for printing ingredients on unit boxes and identifiers on shipping cartons. It meets new FDA and GTIN specifications and raises the performance bar for identifying various consumer and industrial products including food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, hardware, housewares, industrial components and office products.

Autoprint features four high-definition HP cartridge print heads that are designed to print a continuous 2-inch high swath of alphanumeric text, barcode symbologies and graphics up to 40 inches long. Commonly printed alphanumeric information includes: (1) Product name, description and ingredients, (2) Country of origin, (3) Use-by dates, (4) traceability codes, (5) sequential numbers, and (6) time and date stamps with rollover.

Autoprint is synonymous with heavy duty construction features. The four-head print station and integrated image controller are embedded in a stainless steel housing. Each print module has long sturdy “skis” that guide the arton being printed to the print station while protecting the printheads. The angled skis are reversible to the direction of carton flow.

There are two basic models or configurations of Autoprint. First, the low profile four-head model is designed for printing near the bottom of shipping cartons. It will print I 2-of-5 barcodes that are 2 inches high and placed 1 ¼ inches from the bottom of the carton as required by many supply chains. In addition, for applications that require a larger message or graphic up to 4 inches tall, an 8 pen model with is available with Autoprint.

An operator friendly Windows PC control panel is used to configure, align, test, regulate and monitor print modules during setup and operation. It allows you to see the status of each print module and what will be printed on each carton. Status menus provide piece counts, print rate, clock setting and the amount of ink remaining in each cartridge. WYSIWYG barcode software makes it easy to create the message, formats, fonts, multi-lingual text, graphcs and barcodes for the products being packaged.