Markoprint X2Jet Plus


The X2Jet Plus is a stand-alone controller with LCD and keyboard for up to 2 print heads.  Supports 3 different print technologies:  HP, Lexmark and Trident.  The X2JET Plus is targeted for a range of different applications in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Building Materials and other industries.  Now available in Touch Screen.

The intuitively designed user interface renders the X2JET Plus particularly user-friendly.  Animated graphics make user control simple and clear.  Simple and reliable data transfer are possible via USB stick.

The printer is able to control two printheads for labeling packaging on two sides or to simultaneously label products differently on two production lines.  The system supports both piezo-electric and thermal inkjet printing systems and can thus be used for labeling tasks.

The Markoprint X2JET Plus inkjet coder machine uses True Type fonts for printing.  All conventional 1- and 2- dimensional codes can be printed.

  • High compact design
  • Simple integration into packaging systems and conveyors for printing from the sides or from the top
  • Printing height up to 25 / 200 mm

Data transmissions initialized with USB stick / interface, Ethernet, PLC or web interface.

Comprehensive range of standard accessories including:

  • Rotary encoders for different belt speeds or plant stoppages
  • Flex bracket for varying product spacing
  • Assembly brackets for horizontal and vertical applications

WYSIWYG Software also available.