Model UC-3000 High Speed Parts Counter

Quick Overview

Product Code:

  • T-UC3000

Model UC-3000 High Speed Parts Counter uses vibratory bowl technology to feed parts through an optical frame which can detect the smallest of parts. Our bowl design is highly versatile to feed a wide variety of parts, but also comes standard with two adjustable slide gates to reduce the track width and two wipers to brush off stacked parts. Singulated parts fall a short distance from the bowl onto a conveyor belt which provides further part seperation, increasing the speed of the part through the optical frame. Finally, a heavy duty accumulator batches the parts for increased cycle speed. The System completely integrates to APP bagging equipment, or virtually any other system for fully automatic counting operations.


Thick coated stainless steel bowls provide long life even when running abrasive or sharp parts. “Drop gates” and “skivers” provide separation for accurate parts flow. Programmable photo eye capable of counting only those parts that are within the set range of acceptance. Single or dual rod accumulator for accurate separation and accumulation of parts. Rugged and heavy frame work with “two-cushion” suspension for smooth and accurate parts flow. Standard fasteners can be recalled from a database for automatic eye and bowl setups. Features integrated belt system. Transports product to bagger funnel. Assists in separating parts for accurate counts. Conveyor system automatically increases or decreases speed with the vibratory bowl for maximum production. Design allows bowl to set lower for easier filling.

Standard Features:

  • Full color touch screen with user friendly programming
  • Job save/recall recipe settings Simple sampling function for critical photo eye part/scrap settings
  • Scrap parts filtering
  • Auxiliary communications / networking capability
  • Point of use water filter to remove 99.9% of water from air lines

Additional Information

Air 40 psi
Voltage 110V/60Hz std. (220V/50Hz capable)
Printer One year parts warranty (from date of shipment)
Accumulator standard UC, large UCS capable
Bowl Diameter 30
Bowl Style cascade
Drawer Tooling 1 or 2
Coating coated, stainless steal, or FDA
Electronics Master Module
Feed Direction CCW or CW
Photo Eye optical frame or single beam
Skiver Tooling standard, micro, or none
Stand dual
V-Track std. long v-track (subject to your needs)
Lead time 0