Label Applicators

Product Label Applicators & Dispensers

Applying labels to your products can either be a tedious task completed by hand over a couple weeks, or swiftly completed using these awesome label dispensers and applicators. We can customize a complete solution for your specific needs, with or without date stamps, including conveyor and automated packaging systems.

Manual & Motorized Label Dispensers

Stainless Steel Available for Medical, Dairy, and Food Industries

These manual and semi-automatic label dispensers can be customized to allow multiple labels to be dispensed and can include a hot stamp imprinter, registered ink imprinter, label counter, and photo-eye for precise start-stop.

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Round Product Label Applicators

Label At Your Own Pace – Manual or Semi-Automatic

Increase efficiency and reduce packaging time with these round product label applicators. Labels of virtually any length and up to 6.5″ wide can be applied using a hand crank or footswitch. The top wipe-down brush ensures labels are fully applied to your product. The open bottle supports can be adjusted from one size to the next in seconds without the use of tools.

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Tamp Label Applicators

Flat and Semi-Flat Product Labels

Designed to be easily and efficiently operated by any operator, these high accuracy tamp label applicators will provide accuracy of +/- 1/16″ or better and can be used on flat or semi-flat products. Customize with conveyor system, ink imprinter, hot stamp imprinter, clear label photo sensor.

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