Ballistic Labels

Ballistic Labels for NIJ Certified Body Armor

Tough – Tested – Approved

We spent four years perfecting a label tough enough to exceed tactical gear production requirements for the men and women who serve our country’s law enforcement agencies. Our label stock is extraordinarily durable, standing up to the harshest of conditions. Paired with our carefully formulated adhesive, this product has been adopted by the leading body armor manufacturers in the industry.

The quality of our labels has surpassed NIJ compliance testing while applied to a number of different carriers and protective panel coverings. Our labels have not only passed conditioning tests, but on several panel materials they’ve withstood double the standard requirement: 144,000 rotations and still passed the permanence and durability testing that followed.

We have assembled a team of products and built a solution you can depend on. Ballistics labels are known for their durability and strong adhesion. In the past, that dependability came at the cost of production interruptions. There interruptions were typically caused by “adhesive ooze”, which greatly slowed thermal printing and label application processes. Our solution overcomes this drawback, reduces downtime, and improves production throughput by up to 7%.

Our Labels Save Lives

For critical law enforcement applications like body armor and ballistic panels, our labels are subjected to rigorous testing. G2 knows the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Standard-0101.06 for body armor worn by law enforcement and corrections officers.

This approval process can be costly and time consuming. Use G2 ID Source for ballistics labeling and get it right the first time!

When it’s all on the line, G2 is one step ahead.