Custom Metal Name Plates & Asset Tags

Custom Metal Tags & Metal Name Plates

Metal Barcode Tags & Asset Tracking Solutions

G2 has partnered with dozens of manufacturing and packaging facilities to supply customized asset tracking and asset management solutions. Rugged handheld or vehicle-mounted computers combined with a vast array of metal barcode and nameplates can impact every aspect of your business, including asset location and utilization, predictive maintenance scheduling, capital expenditure planning and management, and on-time product deliveries.

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Metal Barcode Nameplates

From the arctic to the high heat of a welding manufacturing floor, our metal barcode tags are durable, versatile and reliable in all conditions. Customized solutions can include full color, crystal clear logo nameplates, Teflon® coated nameplates, tabbed metal barcode nameplates, round metal tags, high temperature barcode nameplates, and foil barcode labels.

Paint Resistant Metal Tags w/Optional Teflon® Coating

Depending on your application, these paint resistant nameplates are able to withstand multiple paint applications, dried paint, dirt, grease, and even accidental side-swipes by a tow-lift. You’ll always get a fast, accurate barcode reading for your asset tracking with custom tags that can meet all of your needs.

Heat Resistant Metal Tags & Nameplates

These high temperature metal nameplates are made of durable anodized aluminum, and are ideal for applications with temperature requirements from 900°F – 1200°F. Anodizing process protects photographically reproduced black text, logos, and barcodes, ensuring accurate reads with protection from chemicals, abrasion and extreme temperatures.

Custom Color Metal Nameplates

Customized full-color aluminum nameplates are available in over 700 sizes! Our CMYK color processing ensures precise color matches while digital inkjet printing provides precise reproduction of company logos and designs. Adhesives are specially matched to surface for maximum adhesion and can include optional holes for mechanical fasteners.