BrrBox Cooler & Glasure Packs

Protective Packaging – Jacksonville Insulated Shipping Containers

Best insulated shipping containers and protective packaging from G2 in Jacksonville, Florida

Introducing the BrrBox Cooler & Glasure Packs

❄️Laminated EPS foam walls

❄️Less than 20 seconds to assemble

❄️Requires 2/3 less storage space

❄️New modern look

❄️No Dry Ice!

Designed to ensure refrigeration for 48 hours, the BrrBox Cooler insulated shipping container consists of a top and bottom piece, four walls and a corrugated container. The foam inserts are laminated with a heat reflective foil on the inside and outside. These inserts interlock with each other to form a tight insulating fit and a durable and light shipping cooler.