Chip Card vs Swipe Card

Chip Card vs Swipe Card – Credit Card Security

Does it matter if a store doesn’t have a machine that accepts chip cards?  YES, YES, YES!!!

A chip card protects your identity from being stolen. Merchants were required to have them installed by October 2015, YES over a year ago. Most don’t understand that they now may have to cover losses if they do not comply. That’s lovely, but it still doesn’t stop you from the headaches of contacting credit bureaus, getting new cards, being without your cards while you are waiting and depending on the bank, waiting on your money to be returned.

REMEMBER – If you don’t have a chip card, call your bank and ask why!! Also, NEVER use debit when you swipe – you are giving the hackers not only your card number and security number but your pin which they can use to counterfeit your card and use at an ATM!

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