When Your Doctor’s Office Needs Your Credit Card Info

Never Ever Give a Copy of Your Credit Card

Credit Card Security at your Doctor's Office
Recently I was told that a doctor’s office asked for a credit card to copy and “keep on file”. OH NO!! Do NOT do that. If you give your credit card to ANYONE you are authorizing him or her to use it, at his or her discretion.

By all means, pay your copay or bill IN PERSON at the time of the charge. Never ever give your doctors office (or anyone else) a copy of your credit card or verbally give them the info where they can write it down.

By the new rules out there a credit card number is never to be retained unless it is entered into a tokenized, protected computer and you should be very careful who has that.

If you use a vendor who wants to write down your card information instead of processing it immediately in front of you, you are opening yourself up to identity theft.

Additionally, there is a huge amount of hacking and identity theft going on in the medical field. If they are swiping and not using a chip reader – ASK WHY!