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Zebra Barcode scanners and bar scanners Jacksonville Florida - G2One of the most overlooked aspects of running a business is inventory and asset tracking. Barcodes and barcode scanners touch just about every aspect of any operation that deals with physical assets. Asset tracking and inventory is critically important for efficiency, organization, and customer satisfaction.

Barcode scanners are certainly one of the most important choices you will make for asset tracking and inventory. Zebra is at the very top of the industry for scanners, with a wide selection of quality products and top-notch service. The larger your inventory, the more important it is to have a quality scanner that can help your organization keep track of everything coming and going with speed and precision. With the proper Zebra barcode scanner your team can scan quickly and efficiently through extreme temperatures, condensation, rain, wirelessly, using bluetooth, and much more.

Still Using Paper and Pen?

Working with a paper or word processor-based system is tedious, and it uses up a lot of staff hours that could be better spent doing something else. Not only that, but it is shockingly slow and inaccurate. The older ways of doing things rely too much on humans and are too affected by human error. Papers can be lost, emails may not get sent, and you are open to simple counting errors. Speed and accuracy get much better when you’re using Zebra barcode scanners.

With the risk of miscounts, lost and misplaced inventory, and human error your labor costs could skyrocket. Time spent tracking down products, rectifying errors, and manually entering in data can be devastating to your productivity, and there is still a good chance you won’t have accurate information in the end. When you don’t have an accurate view of your inventory it will also affect customer relations. Customers want answers to questions fast, and in this digital world you should be able to provide the information they are looking for within seconds. By automating your data entry and tracking, you are saving money on costs, being more helpful to your customers, and keeping a better track of what you have, where it came from, and where it’s going.

Zebra 3600 Series Barcode Scanners

The 3600 series of scanners from Zebra is about performing all of the functions you need, but also being nearly indestructible while you do it. With a rugged design, this series of Zebra scanners will hold up to extreme temperatures for frozen products and withstand the impact of drops or other hazards. These scanners can read barcodes from almost 60 feet away, meaning that you don’t have to elevate yourself to scan a product on the top rack, which will save you time and effort. The jewel of the 3600 series is the 3678-ER, which provides the longest range, and is cordless so it can go wherever you can go. Along with being rated to work in freezing temperatures and being impact-proof, the 3678-ER is designed to be dust and water-proof, meaning that there is nothing that will slow it down. Your Zebra scanners will provide years of performance and reliability.
Rugged Barcode Scanners

Zebra DS9900 Series Barcode Scanners

Lab environments present a different challenge for barcode scanners, but the Zebra DS 9900 Series of scanners is up to the task. This series is designed for use in labs, and to capture smaller barcodes that might be on curved surfaces of vials and test tubes. With a specially designed LED lighting option, the scanner can see even the smallest and densest barcodes on microscope slides and biopsy cassettes. The DS9900 Series is built for precision and accuracy in an environment where those attributes are incredibly important while also being incredibly difficult to achieve.
Barcode Scanners For Labs

Zebra Symbol LS4208 Barcode Scanners

The LS4208 is an all-purpose Zebra barcode scanner that will work under most conditions and environments. It is the perfect choice for light warehouses and checkout counters to provide you with quick capturing and processing capabilities. It is simple to learn and use, so anyone can be up to speed on its functionality very quickly. It is rated for 6-foot drops onto surfaces as hard as concrete, so it can be used without fear of damage or destruction from impact, and is cost-effective since it does not use ribbon cables which can get expensive and are prone to damage. If you are looking for a Zebra scanner that will suit your retail and storage space needs, then the Symbol LS4208 is just what you need.
All Purpose Barcode Scanners

Going Green With Zebra

When it’s time to upgrade your scanning devices, you may not know what to do with them. Do you throw them out? Do you sell them? Throwing them out isn’t the best idea, because the materials that are used to make barcode scanners include lead, chromium, cadmium, and mercury among other substances which are harmful to the environment. Luckily, with Zebra, we can make it easy for you, while saving you money and being friendlier to the planet.

You can trade in your old devices when you upgrade your scanners. Zebra will properly recycle them so that they do not harm the environment, and you can get a trade-in credit towards your new Zebra scanners. Electronic waste is the fastest growing type of waste heading to landfills around the world. Even though up to 70% of it can be recycled, only about 20% of it is. Zebra wants to flip those statistics and protect the environment while also offering you discounts on your new devices. It’s like you have hidden treasure lying around your workplace.

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