Contactless Credit Card Payments

Are you using a Contactless payment app like  Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay, Walmart Pay, Android Wallet?

Virtually Impossible to Duplicate

The microprocessor chip embedded in traditional and contactless chip cards generates a cryptogram, which is a short piece of encoded text that masks and, therefore, protects payment information. The chip also creates a difficult-to-forge digital signature when the transaction is executed at the point of sale (POS). Criminals that may find a way to steal the encrypted information cannot identify you, and they cannot decrypt or use your payment card data. They also cannot produce fraudulent cards.   The microprocessor chip is virtually impossible for criminals to duplicate.

For further security, issuers verify that every contactless transaction has a valid card verification value, authentication code, or cryptogram before authorizing it — so they can automatically detect and reject any attempt to reuse transaction information. In addition, the cardholder name is not required for payment processing and is usually not present in the chip, and the card never has to leave the cardholder’s hand during the transaction.