Multisystems Warehouse Management

Your Complete Warehouse Management System

WDCS (Warehouse Data Control Systems) is a warehouse management system that automates the handling of the inbound/outbound warehouse inventory transactions.

The system is designed to provide full inventory visibility while eliminating the manual data entry process and the use of paper. WDCS speeds up shipments, increases accuracy and improves customer satisfaction by having information in real-time.

Warehouse operators will be using wireless mobile computers connected through a wireless infrastructure in order to record all transactions performed in the warehouse. In addition, thermal printers will be needed for the printing of labels that identity the pallets in the warehouse and locations.

Increase Your Customer Service And Revenue

  • Enhance customer service with better visibility of inventory stock and turns, while reducing errors in orders and shipments.
  • Reduce obsolete and soon-to-expire by promoting good inventory movement with configurable rules.
  • Improved inventory accuracy, visibility and rotation leads to less lost, damaged and obsolete inventory
  • Improve operational costs with accurate and on-time inventory information and paper-less environment.

Improve your warehouse management faster, easier.

  • Increase accuracy at the receiving and putaway stages when receiving from suppliers or production area.
  • Allocate received goods in multiple units of measure, including weight and serial numbers.
  • Review your inventory locations and monitor your products’ shelves-life.
  • Pick your goods by selecting wave orders or batch picking options. After picking, products can be packed in pallets for final shipping in a staging area.
  • Shipments verification are made by individual or consolidated ticket orders.
  • Print shipping labels at different point of activities throughout the warehouse.