JLT Rugged Computers

Rugged Computers & Forklift Mounted Tablets

Reliable Touch Screen PC Computers For Demanding Environments

JLT computers are built to withstand extreme temperatures & temperature changes, dust, moisture, vibration, and much more. The touchscreens work with gloved hands, even through water/moisture (see video below). Many customers mount onto forklifts for real-time pallet tracking and order processing. Contact us to learn more about JLT rugged computers.

JLT1214P and JLT1214N – Latest Generation of Logistics Computers

Operates in temperatures from -30 to +55 degrees C

The JLT1214P and JLT1214N computer are the latest generation logistics computers from JLT. With an integrated 18-60 VDC power supply they are ideal for electrical truck applications and delivers the lowest total cost for a wide variety of logistics applications. They also available with a 9-36 VDC for installations on combustion trucks, wall mounts and other applications. Ideal for Manufacturing, Transportation, and Warehousing. View Data Sheet

VERSO Rugged Computers

Tough, Small, and Flexible

The VERSO™ series represents a new class of rugged computers for vehicles. With leading performance in the industry’s smallest rugged form factor, it is a perfect choice for installations in tight spaces. Thanks to the JLT QuickLock feature, the computer can easily be mounted and dismounted in a vehicle to simplify service, be moved between vehicles, or be removed at the end of the working day to prevent theft. The scratch resistant touch screen with JLT PowerTouch™ display technology provides the best durability and user experience, while its flush front is simple to keep clean. Ideal for Forestry and Agriculture, Mining and Drilling, Ports, and Warehousing. View Data Sheet (VERSO 10) | View Data Sheet (VERSO 12, 15)

MT1010 Gen 2 Rugged Tablet

Light and thin, but still rugged

Tired of dealing with the repair costs of consumer-grade tablets? The MT1010 Gen 2 is IP65 dustproof and water resistant, can withstand a drop of up to 6 feet onto concrete and will work in temperatures of -20 to +60 °C, -4 to +140 °F. At less than 3 pounds and less than 1 inch thick, you can mount the MT1010 Gen 2 in your field service technicians’ trucks where they can remove it to use on the job. It also works well as a forklift-mounted computer that is still small enough to be removed to do audits, special orders and inventory. Ideal for Forestry and Agriculture, Mining and Drilling, Ports, and Warehousing. View Data Sheet