Barcode & RFID

Sequential/Fixed Asset Barcode Labels and RFID Labels

Custom Barcode & RFID Labels by G2

Sequential and fixed barcode labels provide many identification and tracking benefits for manufacturers. You can use them for inventory management, retail sales, database entry, security and more! We can produce large quantity sequential and fixed bar code labels in custom configurations to adhere to a variety of surfaces that will perform in various environments. G2 is your total bar code solution provider.

RFID Labels

G2’s RFID media capabilities and management software combine to deliver the perfect solution to meet your needs. We specialize in application of RFID tracking capability to your custom printed and thermal labels. We also can develop customized solutions, including a wide variety of choices in: RFID technologies (including HF, UHF and NFC), media face stocks, from low cost papers to durable films, registered inlay placement, roll/fanfold or singular format, label size and shape to accommodate a variety of sizes, adhesives to apply your label to different surfaces, as well as pre-printed labels up to 4 color process.